• Identification of potato varieties by native electrophoresis of potato tuber juice proteins. Identification allows confirmation or exclusion of the identity of the tubers tested by comparison with reference varieties.
  • Detection of potato viruses (PVY, PVM, PLRV, PVS, PVX) and potato tuber spindle viroid (PSTVd) using molecular methods (RT-PCR, RT-LAMP).
  • Diagnosis of tuber infection with Clavibacter michiganensis ssp. Sepedonicus.
  • Production of quantum dots of metal colloids (gold, silver, platinum and copper) and their use in the diagnosis of potato pathogens.
  • Assessment of seed infection with viruses (PVY, PVM, PVS, PVX, PVA, PLRV, TRV) in an eye test using the DAS ELISA test.
  • Plant micro propagation.
  • Release of families and potato varieties from viral diseases.
  • Maintenance of potato lines and varieties at the Gene Bank in Vitro.
  • Testing of plant protection products (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators, desiccants) for the purposes of registration tests (GIORiN Certificate).
  • Field and laboratory tests related to potato tuber cropping and health (soil and foliar fertilization, agrotechnical treatments, etc.).
  • Expert opinions and assistance in complaint proceedings regarding potato production.
  • Organizing and conducting training in potato production and protection
  • Conducting official trainings for PIORIN employees in the field of seed evaluation and in the field of evaluation of external features of seed potato batches and sampling of seed potatoes for health assessment (the only authorized center in Poland)
  • The possibility of undergoing student internships and internships for graduates of biotechnology, biological and agricultural fields.

The Institute of Plant Breeding and Acclimatization in Bonin is a unit
entitled to conduct training, ending with an exam and receiving such accreditation.

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