Research Areas

  • Monitoring the dynamics of abundance and species composition of aphids, threat of soil pests and potato fungal diseases in Poland
  • Harvesting and keeping alive (in vitro plants and microbubbles) of domestic potato varieties, including old, already uncultivated varieties also from other parts of the world
  • Development of new diagnostic tests and improvement of existing methods of detecting viral (PVY, PVM, PLRV, PVX, PVS) and bacterial (Cms) potato pathogens.
  • Assessment of infestation of seed potatoes with the following viruses: PVY, PVM, PVS, PVA, PVX, PLRV, TRV by DAS ELISA
  • Testing new plant protection products (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, desiccants) for the purposes of registration studies.
  • Field and laboratory tests related to potato tuber cropping and health (soil fertilization, foliar fertilization, agrotechnical treatments, etc.)
  • Evaluation of varieties in terms of difficulty in stopping tuber dormancy immediately after harvest, and difficulties in seed production and resistance to fungal diseases
  • Work on methods for quick identification of potato varieties
  • Research on limiting the spread of bacterial and fungal potato pathogens by developing methods for disinfecting tuber surfaces, rooms, containers and agricultural equipment.
  • Expert opinions and assistance in complaint proceedings regarding potato production

Currently, 24 people work at the plant in Bonin, including 10 researchers, 12 technical employees and 2 people in administration.

The activity of disseminating and popularizing research for agriculture allows us to provide information and solutions directly to interested persons on an ongoing basis. Only in 2013, in the most widely read periodicals (Modern Cultivation, Agricultural News, Agroserwis, Farmer Leaseholder, Vegetables, Farmer, Top Agrar, Agrotechnika) we published over 40 popular science articles, which, according to the volume of expenditure of individual publishers, had the opportunity to read over 100,000 people.

We are also very active in this field. Direct contact with the farmer allows you to see the needs of the potato industry on an ongoing basis. Only in 2013, employees of the Plant in Bonin trained over 600 people and potato producers at various trainings in the country.

Potato sprouts that will grow under conditions of keeping tubers in the light,
they may have a different color depending on the variety