On September 17-18 this year the 23rd National Potato Days and the “Autumn in the field and garden – Kościerzyński Potato Day” fair, co-organized by the Łódź ODR zs. took place on the exhibition grounds of the branch of the Łódź Agricultural Advisory Center in Kościerzyna. in Bratoszewice and IHAR-PIB – Seed and Potato Protection Plant in Bonin.

The main purpose of the meeting was to rebuild the former position of potato in Polish cuisine by encouraging consumers to increase consumption. This was facilitated by the presentation by the housewife circles of interesting culinary solutions with potato in the main role and broadly understood education – characteristics of varieties available on the market, information on various culinary types (A, B, C) and the purpose of individual varieties and promotion of national and regional varieties.

On behalf of the organizers, the fair was opened by: the director of the ŁODR branch in Kościerzyna, Dorota Ryl, together with Elżbieta Kusideł representing the Łódź voivode, the president of the city of Sieradz Paweł Osiewała, professor Edward Arseniuk – the director of the IHAR-PIB in Radzików and the director of the regional department of the ARiMR in Łódź Paweł Beg. This year’s Days gathered 140 exhibitors, including 45 companies specializing in potato production and all breeding and seed companies operating on the domestic market. In addition to the stall sale of certified seed potatoes of various varieties, a field promotional collection was organized (a total of 112 varieties entered in the national register and varieties from the Community Catalog). Brochures with the most important features of the presented varieties have been made available to visitors of the collection. An exhibition of selected and prospective 40 varieties of potato (edible and for the food industry) from the national register could also be seen at the IHAR stand. The specialists on duty from Bonin and Jadwisin provided information on the varieties and the criteria for their selection for cultivation in various directions of use and solving problems in protection.

On the first day of the fair, training and discussion seminars took place, the subjects of which enjoyed great interest:

  • Potato protection against pests – dr inż. Tomasz Erlichowski (IHAR-PIB, ZNiOZ Bonin)
  • Potato diseases – new and old problems – dr inż. Jerzy Osowski (IHAR-PIB, ZNiOZ Bonin)
  • Potato cultivation for the earliest harvest – dr inż. Barbara Lutomirska (IHAR-PIB, Branch Office Jadwisin)
  • Rational fertilization of potato plantations – dr inż. Cezary Trawczyński (IHAR-PIB, Branch Office Jadwisin)
  • How to increase the competitiveness of edible potato – dr Wojciech Nowacki (IHAR-PIB, Oddz. Jadwisin)
  • Integrated potato protection – prof. Katarzyna Rębarz – SYNGENT

Culinary shows and tasting of potato dishes were also held. Ladies from the Country Housewives’ Club in Mieleszyn (Bolesławiec commune) prepared two dishes on stage: potato cutlets and Russian dumplings. Queues of people willing to try and there was no shortage of these delicacies for anyone.


On the second day there were many competitions:

“Potato inspirations – the best potato dish”, attended by 8 entities:

– Association of Housewives “Wójcin nad Prosną”

– Circle of Country Housewives in Ruda

– “Rakowiczanka” Rural Women Association

– Zenon and Beata Borowscy

– Association “Our Future” Brzeźnio

– Association for the development of the village “Future for Żelisław”

– F.H.U. Bogumiła Sobieraj z Jezior

– Circle of Country Housewives in Orchów

Potato stuffed cabbage prepared by the “Nasz Przyczesność” Association from the Brzeźnio commune was recognized as the tastiest dish, and the distinction was awarded to the “Future for Żelisław” Association for Rural Development for szagówki seasoned with cracklings with boiled cabbage.

“The heaviest Koscierzyńka pyrka” – for potato producers, in which 9 farmers took part. The heaviest turned out to be a tuber of the Bellarosa variety, weighing 1488 g, which had grown in the field of Józef Pawlikowski from Stefanów Ruszkowski in the Brzeźnio commune.

“The longest peel from pyrki” – for visitors. The longest peel, 136.5 cm, was made by Iwona Stefanek from Glinno Kolonia in the municipality of Warta.

“Throw to the basket” – the most accurate was Wowa Pobieda from Zduńska Wola. Competition participants were honored with diplomas and prizes.

Consumer competition of culinary quality – for the tastiest potato variety XXIII National Potato Days.

A total of 6 varieties with distinctive taste and culinary qualities were submitted to the competition run by the employees of IHAR in Bonin, which were coded under numbers from 1 to 6. The following varieties participated in the competition:

Lech – Hodowla Ziemniaka Zamarte Sp. z o.o. – IHAR Group

Ignacy – Pomorsko-Mazurska Hodowla Ziemniaka Sp. z o.o. in Strzekęcin

Annalena – Europlant Handel Ziemniakami Sp. z o.o.

Lady Christl – Agriana Sp. z o.o.

Tacoma – Norika Polska Sp. z o. o.

Lilly – Solana Polska Sp. z o. o.

After peeling, the potatoes were boiled and boiled. Everyone after tasting each variety chose the one – according to them – the tastiest one by throwing the appropriate number into the urn.

Annalena (Europlant breeder) received the first place in this year’s competition. The owner of the winning variety received the cup and diploma of the 23rd National Potato Days.


XXIII National Potato Days and the “Autumn in the field and garden – Kościerzyński Potato Day” fair

Kościerzyn near Sieradz, 17-18 September 2016.

Events take place on Saturday 17.09. (from 10.00-16.00) and on Sunday 18.09. (from 9.00-16.00)

Exhibition of machines and means for potato production as well as agricultural and horticultural production

  • Variety offer of companies and plant breeding (certified seed potatoes)
  • Visiting demonstration plots of potato varieties registered in Poland
  • Field demonstration of machines for potato production and harvesting technology
  • Exhibition of varieties and presentation of disease and pest symptoms along with consultation on control methods
  • Culinary show of potato dishes
  • Culinary competition for the tastiest potato variety
  • Competitions with “Kościerzyna’s pyramid” in the lead role
  • Advice on biological, technological, organizational and marketing progress
  • Fairs, potato dishes, performances by regional artistic groups
  • A market of Koscierzyna edible potatoes
  • Fairs: flowers, shrubs and garden equipment
  • Agricultural publishing

Program of shows, competitions and training seminars

Saturday, September 17

10.00-16.00 – Agricultural and gardening exhibition

11.00-12.00 – Official opening of the XXIII National Potato Days

12.00-12.50 – Training and discussion seminar: Potato protection against pests

12.50-13.40 – Training and discussion seminar: Potato diseases – new and old problems

13.40-14.30 – Training and discussion seminar: Cultivation technology for the earliest harvest

14.30-15.20 – Training and discussion seminar: Rational fertilization of potato plantations

15.20-16.00 – Training and discussion seminar: How to increase the competitiveness of potatoes

17.00-22.00 – Social meeting of exhibitors and invited guests

Sunday, September 18

09.00-16.00 – Agricultural and gardening exhibition

09.30-13.30 – Entries to the competition for potato producers “The heaviest Koscierzyna’s pyramid”

11.00-14.00 – Field show of machines for production and harvesting technology of potatoes and other agricultural machines

11.00-13.00 – Potato inspirations – the best potato dish ”Competitions

11.30-13.30 – Competitions with Kościerzyna’s pyramids

12.00-16.00 – Performances by regional artistic groups

13.00-14.00 – Culinary quality competition for selected potato varieties

14.00-15.00 – Summary of competitions

16.00 – End of the fair