The National Potato Days is a specialized trade fair and exhibition event as well as training. The event is aimed at farmers and companies from the agricultural and food sector related to the production and processing of potatoes.

In the educational part, training seminars, a demonstration of the potato variety collection and professional consultations are organized.

The main goal of KDZ is to support the process of modernizing the industry, promoting varieties, facilitating contacts between market participants and integrating units of this agribusiness sector.

Other objectives of the project:

presentation of biological, technological, economic and organizational progress in the production and use of potatoes
supporting the modernization of the potato industry;
promotion of domestic potato varieties;
facilitating contacts between market participants and their integration.
As part of the fair, there is a competition of culinary quality of potato varieties, and the best variety is awarded the National Potato Days Cup.

The National Potato Days has been a cyclical event for 21 years, which has been permanently inscribed in the calendar of fairs, exhibitions and training events.