About the Bonin Research Center


A center for research with a long-established tradition and an outstanding history of research success.

The Institute in Bonin was established in 1966 to conduct research exclusively focusing on potatoes, and even today it remains the only agricultural research institute in the north of Poland. We own the only in vitro gene bank for potatoes in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. The bank holds approximately 1600 healthy potato genotypes from across the world which constitute a cultivar base for breeders and other science institutes and universities. Since 2005, the Department has held the licence as the Main Inspector of Plant Protection and Seed Science, testing plant protection products for the purpose of their registration in Poland. Since 2007 the Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute at Bonin, as the only institution in Poland, has been authorized to conduct training for employees of the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection on the official control of potato seed material. The Department is also authorized to carry out research with quarantine organisms. Read more ->

  • Laboratory for Molecular Diagnostics and Biochemistry
  • Laboratory for Seed Potato Research
  • Laboratory for Potato Gene Resources and In Vitro Cultures
  • Laboratory for Potato Protection
Pracownia Diagnostyki Molekularnej i Biochemii

Laboratory for Molecular Diagnostics and Biochemistry

The laboratory carries out research on new and existing methods of diagnosis (immunological and molecular) to detect the most economically important potato viral and bacterial pathogens. At the Laboratory we make polyclonal rabbit antibodies, ELISA sets to detect Y, L, M, X, S potato viruses and antibodies to detect bacteria.

Laboratory for Seed Potato Research

Laboratory for Seed Potato Research

Research on seed potatoes is performed in this laboratory. Research interests of prime importance include assessment of the degree of seed potato infection with viruses using DAS ELISA, monitoring number dynamics and species composition of aphids in Poland, assessment of cultivars in terms of the difficulty of breaking tuber dormancy following harvest and difficulties in seed production. We also provide assistance in filing complaints on potato production.

Laboratory for Potato Gene Resources and In Vitro Cultures

Laboratory for Potato Gene Resources and In Vitro Cultures

In vitro potato gene resources are used for conservative breeding, providing material enabling the improvement of seed potato healthiness and the shortening of the field production cycle in order to obtain an adequate amount of material during the first stage of seed production. These resources also constitute the genetic material required to reactivate cultivars which are within the scope of buyers’ interests. The application of in vitro potato resources also has great significance for research purposes.

Laboratory for Potato Protection

Laboratory for Potato Protection

The Laboratory carries out research on phytopathology, entomology, herbology and potato protection. The research addresses the most crucial problems associated with potato pests, in particular, monitoring the causes and effects of changes in populations for the purpose of their control in field, glass house, store and laboratory conditions. The laboratory has many years of experience, extensive equipment and facilities, as well as experienced research and technical staff who specialize in carrying out academic research.

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